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MOGADISHNI is a Danish based art gallery focusing on young Danish and international contemporary art. The gallery was founded by Christian Chapelle in 2000, starting out as a non-commercial exhibition space under the name The Leisure Club MOGADISHNI, and continuing as only MOGADISHNI when the gallery was commercialized in 2001. MOGADISHNI has played the principal part in placing Valby on the cultural map of Copenhagen by being the first gallery to move into an old, empty industrial building on Carl Jacobsens Vej. The complex today houses 7 contemporary art galleries. In addition, MOGADISHNI has recently opened yet another exhibition space in Aarhus, hereby dividing the gallery into MOGADISHNI CPH and MOGADISHNI AAR.
At Artnews Projects MOGADISHNI will be exhibiting Danish Contemporary Art, represented by works of MOGADISHNI artists: Andreas Schulenburg (D/DK), Benny Dröscher (DK), Fie Norsker (DK), Jacob Tækker (DK), Julie Nord (DK), Lise Blomberg (DK), Randi Jørgensen (DK), Rasmus Bjørn (DK) and Trine Boesen (DK).
In spite of quite different expressions, these artists form part of a strong wave of the Danish contemporary art scene in the way that they focus on figurative, narrative, fantasy-based realities – often with a sense of humor. A clear common denominator is that the artists tease the viewer´s immediate perception by depicting seemingly recognizable realms, which on closer inspection reveal that nothing is as it seems.
An example of this sort of twisted reality is Julie Nord (DK), who through her detailed, figurative drawings mimics traditionally-girly, fairytale illustrations. Looking closer her drawings reveal disturbing and queer motifs, that twist the otherwise well known genre.
Rasmus Bjørn (DK), on the other hand, takes his subject matters from a traditional masculine realm, but also leaves the viewer expecting a certain universe and realm to develop, only to soften this.
German born Andreas Schulenburg (D/DK) has always had a sharp eye on the Danish way of living, spotting inherent clichés, practices and prejudices. He is known for commenting on society’s habitual thinking with a large amount of humor, often using felt – a material not traditionally connected with fine art.
Randi Jørgensen (DK) transforms tourist merchandise, usually considered kitsch objects, into remarkable souvenir collector’s items, thereby elaborating on the contrast of mass production and originality.
Fie Norsker (DK) deconstructs classical landscape painting by integrating kitsch low-status and otherwise unexpected elements when creating her landscapes.
Trine Boesen (DK) ‘constructs’ detailed, narrative compositions with margins filled with collages of tales and symbols of contemporary life, while the eye can rest in the uncolored center of her paintings.
Jacob Tækker (DK) works with video installations, always using himself as the performer, focusing on different aspects of being, such as the human search for identity, emotional conditions and the routines of everyday lives.
Lise Blomberg (DK) opens up to a surreal world in which the forest is often displayed as a scene for mystery and magic, where hybrids of people and animals are hidden as in a subconscious space of remembrance.
Benny Dröscher (DK) is also inspired by the mystique of nature and the forest, which in his universe is dissolved in chaos by a dynamic centrifugal force, yet retaining a compositional harmony and order.

Artnews Projects is the experimental space of the internet platform It introduces a range of young positions from other cities and countires, who are invited to present their work in Berlin. The exhibition program focuses on diverse cutting-edge practices that are estranged from their usual context and set up in a new enviroment.

Artnews Projects and MOGADISHNI welcome You in the gallery!

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  • Mogadishni

    Exhibition: 12 January – 17 February 2007
    Opening: 12 January, Friday, 7-10 pm

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