Mathilde du Sordet occupies The ISH.

Mathilde du Sordet occupies The ISH.
– Archi Troyenne

From 18th Nov through to the 30th Nov 2009 the artist Mathilde du Sordet will occupy The Institute of Social Hypocrisy. During this period she will construct and exhibit an installation directly in response to the ideas at the core of the Institute.
The exhibition will open on Sat 21st Nov, but from the 18th Nov the public will be invited to visit the space, to be part of the installation process and to have the opportunity to discuss the work with the artist. An important aspect of this event is to partly demystify the art process and to engage others in the procedure in order to eliminate any sense of prejudice and prejudgement.

Mathilde du Sordet uses a section of ancient text written by the naturalist Pliny the Elder as a reference for the piece. It describes a small octopus-like sea creature, the Paper Nautilus, which lives in a protective shell. This text serves as an allegory for the shell that is both the ISH and the Archi Toyenne installation.

Her installation will consist of a series of loosely associated elements, which closely examine the relationship between the surface and a hidden interior.
The viewer is invited to see through the external structure in order to reveal the interiority of the work. This revelation allows the viewer to become intimately connected to the object and the stories that are woven therein.


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