Mark TITCHNER performance at Peres Projects Berlin

FEEL BETTER NOW! (Apathy and the New Sincerity)
Performed by Jonny Woo with Jeanette

Originally commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery, London in 2008, Peres Projects, Berlin presents an expanded version of this text based performance work. This multi voiced work is presented in the various guises of two of London’s best loved alternative performers.

Alternatively humorous and disturbing this manifesto like assemblage, composed of fragmented found texts, aphorisms and axioms, examines how the failure of mass protest in the last decade has led to a nostalgic retreading of past failures. Focusing on the use of the polemical style in entertainment and media and how this consequently diverts social change towards individual selfishness. Disembodied and contradictory voices pile upon each other from crescendo to silence.

Peres Projects

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