“Some years ago I visited a birds sanctuary in India. In the early morning at the entrance I would meet the local ornithologist guides hanging out waiting for visitors. The guides where holding hands, touching each other’s hair and killing time with a game of chess.
Later in the evening I would meet a group of ornithologists from England sitting by the fire enjoying themselves very quietly, making dinner – there was no physical contact. The British ornithologists had previously lived together for a whole year on a remote Island.
I was striken by the difference of group dynamics, the difference in touch and no touch, how masculinity
was shown and how the physical aspect of relationship was approached in both groups.”

(Marika Seidler)

TOUCH is a video installation with four projections about the physical expression of friendship in men in modern India. In a pre-arranged setting and public spaces, male actors in Mumbai explore how Indian men – regardless of social status and age – have a unique relationship with each other. The video installation portraits how Indian men are physical in ways very different from Northern Europe where touch among men lasting more than a brief hug generally is considered taboo. In the second room of the gallery Marika Seidler will be showing drawings inspired by the footage.

Marika Seidler (1972) is an acclaimed professional Danish artist. She has exhibited in established institutions in Denmark and abroad, and presented her projects in the Middle East, Russia, Japan, USA. At the moment she is also showing at Pori Art Museum in Finland.
The Danish Arts Council selected her as Artist-in-residence in Los Angeles in 2005. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Academy Counsel selected her to participate in The Gold medal competition 2004. She has over the years generously been supported with grants from The Danish Arts Foundation, as well from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by way of DCCD.

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