Marie Søndergaard Lolk VAGUE DISTRICT

Marie Søndergaard Lolk opens her first solo exhibition VAGUE DISTRICT at Galleri Tom Christoffersen. By her unique approach to painting and through her particular painting processes Marie Søndergaard Lolk both researches and expands what painting can and is as media – but the tactile and hermetical works are capable of so much more.
The paintings accentuate gravity, substance and time in every sense of the words. Mostly, they contain innumerable layers of paint, which are added according to a system, that the artist reformulates from work to work. The system is a method to investigate a particular issue why the final paintings appear diverse. During the process paint is weaved(!) into for example spatial form, figurations are broken up by displacement or text is used as a structural element rather than a vehicle for meaning.
Despite the conscious and strict restrictions, and despite the fact that repetition and minimal displacement recurs, the paintings never appear as mechanically rigid. The process is always dominated by an accept of what may appear why the final paintings are just as much the product of for example unpredictable deposits from the edge of the paintbrush.
The tactile and dense paintings function both as documentation of a long series of actions over time and as the result of a problem researched. Instead of easily read they appear full of linguistic resistance, and they thereby open up to a space where something important – maybe fundamental – is enclosed in the matter.
Marie Søndergaard Lolk (1981) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 and was granted Exit Extra 08 for her graduation project. Previous exhibitions count: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning-Contemporary Art Space (2008), Beneath the Surface, Nils Stærk Contemporary Art (2008) og Maleri Uden Grænser, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum (2007). Marie Søndergaard Lolk is represented at Malmö Konstmuseum (2008). Please see Marie Søndergaard Lolk’s profile at the website of Galleri Tom Christoffersen.
Anna Ling, who exhibits in Galleri Tom Christoffersen Cube, is represented by Elastic, Malmö (Sweden)

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