MAND III – Asyl i Jylland

MAND III – Asyl i Jylland (Refuge in Jutland)
Rasmus Danø, Kristian Devantier, Jeroen Kooijmans (NL), Henrik Leach, Rasmus Lütken

Charlotte Fogh Contemporary is proud to present the exhibition MAN III – Refuge in Jutland. MAN consists of the four Danish artists Rasmus Danø, Kristian Devantier, Henrik Leach and Rasmus Lütken. For the exhibition at Charlotte Fogh Contemporary the group has invited the internationally acclaimed video artist Jeroen Kooijmans, who will be showing one of his poetic audiovisual pieces.

With the artists’ gender and individual artworks as starting points, MAN III – Refuge in Jutland will use great humour and self-knowledge to “attack” the term “MAN” and the expectations and prejudices that confront men today.

Charlotte Fogh

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