Faggionato Fine Art is delighted to present the first UK exhibition of work by Italian artist Luca Pancrazzi.

The exhibition is comprised of six recent still-life paintings; a genre that has consistently fascinated the artist and one which he has explored throughout his career. Based on photographs taken by the artist, the often large-scale, monochrome canvases bestow a monumental scale to the typically humble, day-to-day objects of his studio. The result is not intended to be a faithful or objective rendition of subject; but is, rather, a carefully staged composition, imbued with an exquisite artificial theatricality.

Suggesting an interest in perception, memory and transformation, the works raise questions about the relationship of the subject with its representation; the act of translation that governs not only the making of a work in a particular medium, but also our beholding.

Born in 1961 in Florence, Luca Pancrazzi now lives and works in Milan. Throughout his career, he has used a wide range of media from painting and photography to video, light-boxes, sculpture and large installation pieces. Recent installations include the extraordinary Il paesaggio ci osserva, a miniature model city made of old computer and typewriter parts complete with surveillance cameras and monitors exhibited at Art Unlimited, Art Basel in 2006 ; and his project 1:1 for the Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2007 where he showed, amongst other pieces, a Maserati car covered in recycled, shattered glass.

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