Lorenz Estermann


Conceptual mixed media approaches involving painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, design and typography guide the work of Austrian artist Lorenz Estermann. The range of his focus varies from collage-like works on paper, three-dimensional architectural models and installations, derived from actual pieces of architecture from the 1960’s and 1970’s with a sense of ironic distance. Estermann finds his motifs and themes while engaged in his photographic research projects, which the artist carries out in the suburbs, industrial zones, and other locations in Central and Eastern Europe where a variety of styles of architecture and construction exist side by side.

His works are both serious and humorous critiques and analyses of the great modern utopias, yet they also relate to Pop Art and its exploration of mass consumption and everyday phenomena.

Lorenz Estermann was born in Linz, Austria, in 1968. He works and lives in Linz and Vienna. In 2009 his works were exhibited among others in the “LENTOS Kunstmuseum” in Linz, the Künstlerhaus in Dortmund and in JP Morgan Chase Art Collection, New York. In 2008 he participated in “The Peekskill Project, New York” and was part of the “New Talents” at Art Cologne.

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