Laura Buckley, Haroon Mirza, David MacLean & Doug Fishbone

Stage Fright, a collaboration between, and extension of Laura Buckley, David MacLean and Haroon Mirza’s practices takes the form of an orchestral piece of electronic music within a multiple video installation.

Using Buckley’s video as the starting point from which the audio is composed, the footage documents the deliberate and incidental nature of the everyday. From this footage, via a process of editing and assemblage, audio is created to construct and reconstruct a score. Multiple fragments of the video are projected throughout the gallery, reflected by sculptural forms which are framed by four independent channels of the song.

For the exhibition Doug Fishbone extends the viewing processes in his earlier work by focusing on the reaction of the viewer to a brand new video installation. Twelve protagonists watch the video in real-time, for the first time, in altered states of consciousness. All have been hypnotised. How natural are our responses? How predisposed are we to respond in certain ways? The work is no longer just its tangible limits but has extended to include the audience reaction and viewers personal and relational space. In this new work Fishbone creates a multi-perspectival environment, which uses video to create the space of an interlocutor between cause and effect; image and meaning.

The exhibition goes some way to explore how the viewer’s conscious experience is an exploration of phenomenology; as things that occur in time and of ourselves as temporal and spatial beings and the complexities that arise within multiple experiential existences.

Rokeby Gallery

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