May 24th – June 29th, 2007

THURSDAY, MAY 24 2007, 5-8 PM

Participating artists:
Lena Johansson and Andreas Johansson

English version

Andreas Johansson (SWE) works with handmade photographic collages, where photography’s of landscapes, roads and buildings are cut up and put back together again in a different and apparently logic way, but so precisely that the joints are not immediately noticeable to the viewer. Johansson plays with surface and depth and confronts the viewer with images of public spaces that seem easily recognisable and appear well known. One seems to be observing a realistic space that is represented in natural dimensions. The concept that these fictive spaces might not exist in real life – but only in Andreas Johansson’s universe – seems remote. Gradually the conceptual structure behind the images is revealed. The eternally blue, cloudless sky, the lack of any horizon and the strange way the trees are reflected in the Dace-baths all disclose unnerving aspects of a reality that is devoid of any human presence. However, it is only seemingly that all life has abandoned the worn-down and graffiti-covered buildings, the ruined tennis court and the slightly too green swimming pool. For between the cracks in the asphalt, in the middle of the tennis court and behind the buildings nature is bursting forth.
Andreas Johansson was born in 1977 and educated at the Konstskolan Idun Lovén and the Konsthögskolan in Malmö (2006). This spring his work may also be seen at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm.

In Lena Johansson’s (SWE) portraits, women are depicted as sensual creatures and figures that have been staged. She finds inspiration for her paintings in the world of fashion and advertising. However, Lena Johansson’s portraits of women are painted with an intuitive sensitivity that raises them above the often stereotypical images seen in commercials and fashion magazines. Lena Johansson utilizes this honest and intuitive approach as a specific mode de travail. It requires her acceptance of the natural and uncensored self that the models are such a contrast to. This straightforwardness is important exactly because the images that she draws upon and alters are all about accepting a fabricated picture of her inner self. In other words, Lena Johansson represents herself via models, thereby using ”their” body language and aura to be able to portray herself from her early teenage years up to today.
Lena Johansson was born in 1975 and received her education at Konstskolan Idun Lovén, Den Kungliga Konsthögskolan in Stockholm and Malmö Konsthögskola (2007). Her latest works have been exhibited at bendixen contemporary art and Brändström & Stene in Stockholm.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 12-17, Saturday 11-14
Please note that the entrence at Carl Jacobsensvej 20, stairway 20 is being renovated from week 21 – 31, 2007. Please use entrence 6 or 11 during this period.

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