Joe Mckay


We are happy to present ‘As Serious of Your Life Is’ – the first one person show by Los Angeles artist Joe Mckay. Joe creates wonderfully clever and thought provoking collages with a bare bones aesthetic that, in many cases, guides the viewer just enough to a point of departure… to a place where the viewer is left with a playful curiosity and a need to read between the lines… sometimes quietly serious, many times funny, this will prove to be quite a fun show.

In the project room of the gallery, we are very happy to present ‘Sleep to Dream’ – five beautiful photographs by Claire Sloan. The photos are from a series in which she takes 6 – 9 hour exposures of herself sleeping. Its an amazing series, all done on medium format film, printed with a lightjet and mounted on sintra. Currently studying at UC Davis, she began shooting photographs at 14 years old and is now pursuing a degree in art. This will be her first show in Los Angeles.

POVevolving Gallery & Print Studio

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