Icons for Now

Icons for Now
André alias Monsieur A (FR), Blu (IT), Faust ( DK),
Herbert Baglione (BR), HuskMitNavn/ RememberMyName (DK)
Miss.Tic (FR), Steve Powers (US), Søren Behncke alias papfar (DK)
Victor Ash (FR/PT/DK), Zevs (FR)

Thursday, August 28, 2008, 7:00 pm
The exhibition will be opened by the curators of the exhibition
Miriam Nielsen and Toke Lykkeberg

The curators and several of the artists will be present at the opening

The exhibition is shown on different locations in the centre of Århus
from August 29, 2008

Before the opening the curators will give a guided tour of the artworks all located in the
heart of Århus. Meeting place and time: The Aarhus Art Building 4:30 pm

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Aarhus Art Building and the Aarhus Festival

Aarhus Kunstbygning

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