HuskMitNavn – RememberMyName (1975)

—– Works with street art, paintings, drawings and graphics —-

HuskMitNavn has marked his name both in Denmark and internationally by his controversial, humorous and political street art. His characteristic figures and comments are spread all over Europe and covers a wide area from graffiti in public space, illustrations for international magazines and newspapers into established settings as galleries and building adornnments.
By humorous reflections upon everyday life and politics, the art from HuskMitNavn involves society discourses. In a very personal style he comments on absurdities by stolid comments that give ‘food for thought’. Subjects like nationality or integration gets a completely new meaning.

Backjumps-The live issue part 3
Big group show at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in
I’m painting a 50 meter long mural. 22.6-19.8.
Check out the web page for more details.

  • Backjumps
  • Take-away Summer 07
    Group show at Charlotte Fogh Contemporary.
    Klostergade 32, Århus Denmark. 29.6-25.8.
    New paintings and prints.

    My web page has been updated. Photos of my solo show
    at A.L.I.C.E. Gallery in Brussels and more.

  • HuskMitNavn
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