Husk Mit Navn

Lots of new photos on my homepage:

  • Husk Mit Navn
  • I’m in these 3 group shows:
    -“Comix” Brandts Klædefabrik (Denmark) 22/9-6/1 08
    -“Match Race” Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum (Denmark)
    -“Made Love” Arken (Denmark) 15/9-9/12

    I will be selling some new paintings at these art
    -“Art Copenhagen” 21/9-23/9 (V1 Gallery og Charlotte
    Fogh Contemporary)
    -“Zoo art fair” in London 12/10-15/10 (V1 Gallery)
    -“Preview art fair” in Berlin 28/9-1/10 (V1 Gallery)
    -“Slick art fair” in Paris 19/10-22/10 (Alice Gallery)

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