Hamburg exhibition + webpage update


A solo exhibition at Vicious Gallery in Hamburg.
Bernstorffstrasse 158.
Prints, new drawings and more.

  • Vicious Gallery
  • Webpage update. New photos of a 60 meters mural, I
    just painted in Berlin and some graffiti.

  • HuskMitNavn
  • 2 thoughts on “Hamburg exhibition + webpage update

    1. If you don’t learn the right way from the very beginning it’s going to catch up with you eventually. I was interested to read your post Hamburg exhibition + webpage update « Brask Art Blog and gratified to see some of your points.

    2. Every Jo Schmo thinks they can build a website these days, well they can, they’re right about that. I just wish some of them would take some advice from people like you though and then perhaps we wouldn’t have quite so many horrendous ones out there!

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