Håkan Rehnberg

Rehnberg paints in oils on sand-blasted acrylic
sheeting. He squeezes the paint on a wide putty
knife leaving the colours unmixed at this stage.
Then he goes on to paint in an unbroken movement,
either vertical or horizontal, creating a single
gesture with all its properties leaving their
mark on the painting. This action is one of
internal contradiction, wavering at the
borderline of control and unintentionality. After
this the painting cannot be altered or corrected.
It can only be accepted or rejected.

Rehnberg is a widely read and erudite man. His
works can proceed from or be spurred by the
philosophy of Plotinus, a painting by Caspar
David Friedrich or Titian, a novel by Henry James
or the writings of Hölderlin. Thought and the
selection of the “theme” precede the act of
painting and set its mood. The appearance of the
painting is a synthesis of experience, skill and
feeling, and things that are not completely under
the artist’s control, ones that simply happen.

Håkan Rehnberg’s paintings are wonderful. The eye
is allowed to wander in their multi-based
networks of rich, breathing colour, even
endlessly. To focus on different heights and
parts, to enjoy their tensions, calm breathing,
joy and anxiety, ultimately released as beauty.

Håkan Rehnberg is one of Sweden’s most highly
esteemed and successful artists. A member of the
Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts since 2000, he
has held a large number of exhibitions in Sweden
and elsewhere in Europe. His works are included
in many public and private collections both in
Sweden and abroad. Rehnberg’s works were last
seen in Finland at Galerie Artek in 1995.


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