Group show "Interior Imprint"

The exhibition contains new works from 5 international artists:

Kenichiro Takeuchi, Japan (Sculpture)

Taro Furukata, Japan (Installation, sculpture)

Magnus Bjerk, Norway (photography)

Hidehito Shinnu, Japan (digital art)

Bryan Fu, Hong Kong (Drawings & Video)

Interior & art

The particular exhibition investigates further the relationship between space (home interior) and the discipline of fine arts: Interior design and perception of space becomes an increasingly unavoidable part of the context of art and presentation. Within an economical boom modern individuals focus increasingly on a socio-economical effect similar to what ERVING GOFFMAN mentioned as the “front stage”: a portal on which individuals present their achievement. The exhibition as such attempts to outline art’s intrinsic relationship to space and presentation without a rephrasing of the postmodern critical position to presentation in institutional art-context. Rather the exhibition delineates and questions the boundaries between presentation, disciplines and the position of art within society from a practical and pragmatical perspective. High quality beverages will be available.


Gormansstrasse 19 A
10119 Berlin – Germany
O DE +49 (0) 3041992282
M DE +49 (0) 16097697516

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