Gert Robijns

Gert Robijns Olympics

In his works Gert Robijns focuses our attention on simple scientific principles, forms and places. Smallest details may inspire him to his philosophical and poetic contemplations. For example that a blink causes reality to shift to the left or to the right, that images take shape in our brain.

His exhibition Olympics emanates from a similar idea, it developed from reflections on the shape of a circle. Found material is sawed into smaller and larger elements generating positive and negative outlines of a circle. The modest composed cuttings evolve in space to images of a wide range of meanings.

The sculptural installation is completed with a sliding door, which opens and closes in irregular intervals. The structured framework is leaning casually against a wall, leaving only the space behind it open for view. Simultaneously to the rhythmic opening of the structure a bright light switches on in an adjacent part of the exhibition space.

Connotations to gateways, crowds of people, the flurry of camera flashes, and spotlights are in a striking contrast to the quite order of the rest of the installation. The critic Wim Peeters aptly characterizes Gert Robijns approach as being marked „by indication, rather than designation or interpretation.

Herzliche Grüße / best wishes Julia Sökeland, Nasim Weiler

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