Public space as a multilayered and shared space is the main issue of the group exhibition FOR A HAPPIER TOMORROW. Invited by Galleri Tom Christoffersen artist Alexandra Croitoru presents a well-researched selection of photography and video from Central-Eastern Europe.

Anca Benera and Kamen Stoyanov refer to the changes and the political antagonisms, that have affected the identity of public monuments, Adela Demetja reverses a given political situation by imagining an Albanian Embassy in Germany where people would queue for a visa, Daniel Gontz criticises social regimentation by using the prefabs of a socialist block of flats to make a puzzle with infinite solutions while Kristina Lenard and Petar Mirković play with the border between reality and fiction, between illusion and actuality, in his images of modern atomic shelters Ivan Petrović discuss questions of safety, phobias and fear, Marek Kvetan points at different social dysfunctions by creating fictional spaces with the means of digital manipulation and Erik Sikora is ironically commenting on the strategies of the «social artist».

Tom Christoffersen

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