Gene Hathorn and Marco Evaristti, 2008. Draft.
Evaristti´s visit to Gene Hathorn and his involvement in helping Hathorn to a fair trial, is the basis for this 1 to 1 exhibition – the meeting with Hathorn and the work that has evolved from this.

At the same time the exhibition on a larger scale comments on the institution of the death penalty, the systematized killing and elimination of those considered a society menace.

FIVE2TWELVE is a humanistic comment, drawing attention to the individuals that are put away and forgotten until their execution day. Death by then, after years of waiting under dehumanizing circumstances, in its own absurd way, can seem like the most humane thing to do.

The exhibition complements a fashionable fashion show held August 9th in Skuespilhuset at 8.00 PM.

A collection of clothes designed by Evaristti for the death row prisoners to wear on their execution day, will be presented. – If we kill them, then let´s do it in style, is the absurd comment Evaristti makes to the absurdity of the institutionalized killing.

NB ! Tickets for the fashion show should be requested at

Any profit from the exhibition at Martin Asbæk Projects will go to Hathorn´s appeal and a new and fair trial, and supplementary income to the relatives of victims and offenders.

Special opening and live music by Kenneth Thordal
Saturday August 9th at 9.30 PM at Martin Asbæk Projects

Martin Asbæk

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