They come from the imagination’s subconscious wonderland. They are laughing, jumping, dancing, jerking, twitching and moving around like hectic tap dancers. They are creatures of a kind, fetched from a cabinet of curiosities – and nonetheless they look sorely human, all too human. This is precisely why one feels a strange sense of familiarity when viewing the artist’s pictures. They are about you, me and our peculiar neighbor. And surely also about beings that you still can’t put a name to.

We speak about the figures in the painter Heidi P’s universe. And what we are speaking about is a universe that is entirely her own. She started – seriously – painting about three or four years ago, quickly making contact with an art gallery that sold her pictures in short order. Ever since that time, things have been moving fast­ – well-deserved. She has – presumably without consciously wanting to – become a part of the wave that is currently raging in the art world, a wave that has to do with the potential of art to communicate in a direct and unpretentious way, without too many filters and theoretical explanations.

But don’t make any mistake about it: Heidi P has a lot to offer – a fertile sense of fantasy, raving humor and a wryly capricious approach of the kind that can only emanate from a wholly uncontrolled poetic sensibility. Call it a seventh sense … or an eighth sense. In any event, it is quite certain that Heidi P possesses a delicate intuition about life’s tumults and more erratic aspects. Her talent is secure and it’s already clear to see that it will develop even further than what we’ve seen up until now.

Her sources of inspiration feed in from everywhere: from her subconscious mind, of course, but also from the figures that she suddenly fastens her eye on, on a billboard, on a street corner or on an old wall. No matter what, as long as it ignites her picture-creating capabilities.

And then there are the colors. To a great extent, Heidi P builds her pictures up in colors. Bright colors, which vividly and jovially resound in the paintings like some kind of music. And then again, she is most certainly not afraid of using the colors in an untraditional way.

In certain periods in her output, she has been “writing” on the paintings. Short sentences – a kind of poetry. But her pictures tell stories in themselves, a profusion of short stories. Or, more precisely, fragments. For it is up to us to guess further, fueled by our own curiosity. There is no answer key.

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