Fifth Floor: Astrid Myntekær


Fifth Floor is very pleased to present Astrid Myntekær’s first solo show
Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence.

Astrid Myntekær is investigating the borders of the sensible and the knowable.
Her work progresses from a laboratory-like situation, where materials, shapes and constellations are juxtaposed, studied and changed.

Light is everywhere, but never seen. It is only when light meets resistance that it reveals itself.
Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence presents objects from Astrid Myntekjær’s poetic research in light, shadow, tranparency and reflection.

With intimate, delicate and fragile aesthetics Astrid Myntekær’s work exposes itself to the curious viewer, and questions presence and absence, evidence and reality.

Astrid Myntekær is studying at the Royal Art Academy, Copenhagen

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