Erik A. Frandsen

With the exhibition Erik A. Frandsen -The Double Space, ARoS presents one of Denmark’s most striking and most uncompromising artists. With the exhibition Erik A. Frandsen- The Double Space, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum presents the biggest collection ever of works by Frandsen.

The exhibition encompasses works from Frandsen’s entire oeuvre: from the wild paintings at the beginning of the 1980s to the brand-new mosaics done by the artist especially for this exhibition in ARoS. Erik A. Frandsen takes over the entire museum with his spectacular pictorial universe when over more than 2000 square metres – in the Special Exhibition Gallery, the Special Exhibition Foyer, the Museum Street and the stairway – he shows his great neon sculptures, steel flowers, glass mosaics, sculptures, paintings etc. Erik A. Frandsen – The Double Space takes the visitor along with him on a journey through a total installation – from the fluorescent tubes in the foyer with Frandsen statements such as Lebensraum, White Power and Evergreen to the gigantic five-metre-in-diameter fluorescent lamp hovering in the large Special
Exhibition Gallery. Since the wild works of the 1980s, Erik A. Frandsen’s artistic project has been an insistent and intensive search for double space. By combining things that are recognisable with striking structures, physical objects and abstract forms, the artist creates a duality in which figure and structure challenge each other. Erik A. Frandsen had his international breakthrough in 1992, when he participated in the prestigious Dokumenta IX at Kassel. Since then, Frandsen has presented countless exhibitions. Today, Erik A. Frandsen is moreover represented in Danish art museums by a larger number of works than any other artist.


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