Elina Merenmies

2. October we open an exhibition, featuring new works by the Finnish artist Elina Merenmies (born 1967). At the show, which will be Merenmies’ first in the gallery, the audience will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the artists’ characteristic sombre and yet indeed fascinating imagery, shown through painting and drawing.

Back in 2003 Merenmies participated in the exhibition “Stop for a moment – Painting as Presence” at Arken – Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj, which also have a number of her works in their permanent collection. Moreover she has participated in several shows in Stockholm, Paris and New York.

In relation to the show, the gallery is publishing a catalogue, featuring an essay by artis and former art professor Erik Steffensen. He writes:

“A Merenmies drawing is a silent prayer to devote as much attention to things as they deserve. She approaches the motif on a broad front and often it is the deep inner picture that surfaces, visions which materialize as the process progresses and life unfolds in all its horror and splendour. These pictures are symbolical, they are not just a communication between hand, eye, and paper; the spirit is needed, too, to appreciate these images of the mind. You can paint your dreams, but you can also paint as in a dream. It is the latter that is true about Merenmies’ work. The pictures emerge in the transitional space between physical and mental states.”

The exhibition “Elina Merenmies” will be shown through 22. November. The artist will be present at the opening, which will take place on Thursday 2. October, from 4 pm. – 6 pm.

Secretary General for the Secretariat to the Nordic Council in Copenhagen, Jan-Erik Enestam, will open the exhibition at 5 pm. Please join us!

Bo Bjerggaard

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