E.V. Day


E.V. Day

Otero Plassart is pleased to present New York based artist E.V. Day. For this exhibition Day will present sculpture and new works on paper.

E.V. Day’s work explores themes of feminism, fantasy, and sexuality, while reflecting upon popular culture.

Her work on paper is made by using an innovative technique of embossing pure pigmented fishnets into thick casting hand paper pulp created at Dieu Donné paper mill.

Saarinen’s Mother 2 is a sculpture composed of delicate, crotch-less silk panties that float inside a Lucite box atop a stainless steel pedestal. Suspended by hardware and monofilament and transformed by resin-work, the lingerie is floating in a weightless form, referencing architect Eero Saarinen’s famous landmark TWA terminal at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.

Bridal Dragster is a bridal thong elongated to form the shape of a drag car, playing on the connotation of extreme speed. The work appears to be in a state of propulsion or acceleration.

In Day’s Mummified Barbies, she has bandaged a Barbie doll leaving only the eyes exposed.  The sexualized form of the body has been confined in different fabrics suggesting both the concealing effect of a burka and an explosive shell.

Currently on view at the recently renovated David Koch Theater at Lincoln Center is a site-specific installation Exploding Couture.

E.V. Day has exhibited at the Cincinnati Museum of Art, Cincinnati, OH; Dieu Donne Paper Mill, New York, NY; Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL; Herbert F. Johnson Museum, of Art, Ithaca, NY; PS1-MOMA, Long Island City, NY; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY; Deitch Project, New York, NY; the Lever House Art Collection, New York, NY; Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA.

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