A solo exhibition by Dan Miller (U.K.)

DUNK! is back from holidays in the sun.
DUNK! is proud to present the exhibition Totes Meer.
TOTES MEER is a journey into fields of appropriated imagery and objects.
TOTES MEER is supreme poetical and cool elaborations in sculpture, paintings & drawings.
TOTES MEER is Dan Millers first solo show in Denmark.

DAN MILLER Graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2002 and has since shown widely in both the U.K and Europe.
Through drawing, painting and sculpture Miller discusses ideas of reproductive process and failure, drawing from a range of appropriated imagery and objects. Historical fascination and rigorous process underpin an investigation into the underlying surface tensions of material.
Adopting a detailed mechanical approach, two-dimensional works are interceded with a variety of collaged references questioning appropriation and authorship. These assemblages are continuously re-configured, blurring the line between original and facsimile. Floating without anchor, they mimic mythical figures and intangible monuments.


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