DUNK! presents DUNKeldeutsch bierernst


DUNK! / DUNKeldeutsch bierernst
An exhibition curated by Hartmut Stockter

DUNK! is now ready with a mind-blowing group show.
DUNK! has again reached its tentacles out into the wide world.
DUNK! is happy to welcome first class contemporary art from Germany.
DUNK! proudly presents the exhibition DUNKeldeutsch bierernst.
DUNKeldeutsch…is nothing less than ten fabulous german artists.
DUNKeldeutsch…breaks the frame and tears down the walls.
DUNKeldeutsch…has no room for Weltschmerz.
DUNKeldeutsch…is full of sparkling and light spreading humor.
DUNKeldeutsch…is works by:

Sabatin Bascoban, Torsten Bruch, Lisa Busche, Andreas
Eschment, Sebastian Gräfe, Sebastian Grätz, Schirin Kretschmann,
Joanna Schulte, Hartmut Stockter, Karen Winzer.

At the opening the visiting German artist will play several handfuls of hits from their homeland and serve beer aus der heimat.


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