An exhibition by Peter Rune Christiansen, Johanna Domke,
Mikkel Olaf Eskildsen, Daniel Svarre og Bettina Camilla Vestergaard.

DUNK! is now ready for a fantastic new year in the world of art.
DUNK! is going abroad in 2008 with exhibitions in Stockholm and Glasgow.
DUNK! is also ready with a new and exiting season in the exhibition room in Valby / Copenhagen.
DUNK! has invited Danish visual artist Mikkel Olaf Eskildsen as curator on the first show of the year. DUNK! proudly presents NIGHTCLUB NOTES:
NIGHTCLUB NOTES are five viewpoints taken from the nightlife of contemporary urban culture. NIGHTCLUB NOTES are visual narratives inspired by the seductive darkness of the nightclub scene.
NIGHTCLUB NOTES are fantastic, dreaming, subversive and seductive works of art.
NIGHTCLUB NOTES are drawings, paintings, objects, concept and photography.
NIGHTCLUB NOTES are pieces by:

PETER RUNE CHRISTIANSEN who creates spontaneous and breathtaking abstract landscape paintings which sings the body electric in a world of visualized sound.

JOHANNA DOMKE who captures situations of standstill and stagnation in everyday life and transform these into photos and videos portraying people trapped within the ideals of modern society.

MIKKEL OLAF ESKILDSEN who unfolds a unique form of psychedelic realism that takes the viewer out on a mindblowing trip of visual excellence.

DANIEL SVARRE who in the form of sublime sculptural objects explores sociality in the twilight zone between intimacy, closeness and togetherness and the fear of loosing the exact same qualities.

BETTINA CAMILLA VESTERGAARD who in the form photo and text develops super conceptual narrative investigations into the relation between the subject, space and language.


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