A solo exhibition by Zven Balslev.

DUNK! is ready with the last show of the year.
DUNK! puts up a fabulous solo show by Zven Balslev.
DUNK! proudly present the exhibition LOPPETJANS.
LOPPETJANS is a Danish word signifying a very easy-going type of job.
LOPPETJANS is graphic art camouflaged as painting.
LOPPETJANS is drawing camouflaged as photography.
LOPPETJANS is photography camouflaged as painting.
LOPPETJANS is absolute top class art manipulations.
LOPPETJANS is an odyssey into visualized human decay.
LOPPETJANS is creepy and uncanny mysticism at a peak point.
LOPPETJANS is a blinding noisy graphical dream of an exhibition.

ZVEN BALSLEV is an incredibly original artistic genius who has taken drawing as a solid base and reference point for journeys into different kind of medias such as graphic art, ceramics, painting, conceptual art, installation and photography. In his work he unfolds a phenomenal mix between the aesthetics of underground comics and a wild form of controlled expressionism resulting in profound outlets of dark and morbid
humor balancing on the edge of insanity.

At the opening of LOPPETJANS DUNK! has the pleasure of presenting a brand new and flashy 3D-edition made by the Hanoi based Danish artist JES BRINCH.

At the opening SMITTEKILDE RECORDS throws a release party for the CD Single WELCOME TO THE CRISIS by the very same JES BRINCH.

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