An exhibition by Ellen Hyllemose, Camilla Nørgård og Lise Nørholm.

DUNK! is now ready with a total summer delux special.
DUNK! proudly presents a stunning collaborational project.
DUNK! is handing over the stage to HENNINGS PRESENING.
HENNINGS PRESENING is sophisticated girl power.
HENNINGS PRESENING is restricted to a collective choice of standard colours.
HENNINGS PRESENING is yellow, green, orange, black, white and gray.
HENNINGS PRESENING goes into a dialog with the space, the window and the view.
HENNINGS PRESENING is a collective and social intervention in progress.

HENNINGS PRESENING is the third collaboration between Ellen Hyllemose,
Camilla Nørgård og Lise Nørholm.

Kunstdk.dk/Ellen Hyllemose
Kunstdk.dk/Camilla Norgard
Kunstdk.dk/Lise Noerholm

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