A solo exhibition by ROSE EKEN.

DUNK! has cleaned up the garage.
DUNK! is now jumping into spring.
DUNK! proudly present the show ELECTRIC LADYLAND.
ELECTRIC LADYLAND is rock ‘n’ roll with a feminine touch.
ELECTRIC LADYLAND is sophisticated masculinity.
ELECTRIC LADYLAND is a melting pot for the blurring of gender roles.
ELECTRIC LADYLAND is tightrope walking between success and failure
ELECTRIC LADYLAND is sublime craft work and world class cross stitch.
ELECTRIC LADYLAND is hot works in the coolest imaginable style
ELECTRIC LADYLAND is embroidery, watercolour and clay.
ELECTRIC LADYLAND is Rose Eken singing the spring electric.

ROSE EKEN Rose Ekens work addresses the nature of particular interior
spaces and the way these spaces relate to the collective unconscious.
She works in a variety of medias, focusing on drawing, painting and
video installation. Eken does not record actual space rather she
creates and films crudely constructed small-scale models of interior
spaces in different materials.Often she mix this footage with
animation and sound assembling eerie two-dimensional panoramic films
or slide installations projected on a large scale.


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