An installation by Thorgej Steen Hansen.

DUNK! is now ready with a new fabulous solo show.
DUNK! is throwing an exhibition by one of its own driving forces.
DUNK! thanks Zven Balslev for writing this edition of the press release.
DUNK! proudly present the installation Black and Fast Colours.
BLACK AND FAST… is showing new aspects of Thorgej Steen Hansen’s talent.
BLACK AND FAST… is a blinding total installation full of text, drawing and collage.
BLACK AND FAST… is geometrical brutality and aggressive formalism.
BLACK AND FAST… is a clash between wild and figurative expressionism and tight minimalism.
BLACK AND FAST… is great art done by few and effective moves and cheap materials.
BLACK AND FAST… is a kicking wild mix between image making lyrics and black & fast colours.

THORGEJ STEEN HANSEN is known for his extremely colourful expressions and remakes of the iconography of popular culture. In his work of art you will find a total honest and straight up affection for rock music, science fiction, comics and the historical avant-garde of modernism. This has resulted in a heavy and groovy overload of works on paper, paintings, ceramics and installations full of primitive, rough and biting comments on the absurdities of present day society.


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