A solo exhibition by Hartmut Stockter

DUNK! is ready for the springtime with a hot new solo exhibition.
DUNK! is joyfully whistling and invite the birds inside.
DUNK! is proud to present BIRDS IN A FROG’S EYE VIEW.
BIRDS IN A FROG’S EYE VIEW are clear poetical visions in absolute world class.
BIRDS IN A FROG’S EYE VIEW are playfully beautiful realizable utopian dreams.
BIRDS IN A FROG’S EYE VIEW are enchanting and peculiar aesthetic inventions.
BIRDS IN A FROG’S EYE VIEW is a super solo show by Hartmut Stockter.

HARTMUT STOCKTER is a German artist based in Copenhagen. Stockter’s inventions are low-tech sculptural machines with specific purposes. Often Stockter’s works refers to mans exploration of an ‘unseen nature’. He also seeks for small adventures and fairytales in everyday life. His daydreaming thoughts are carried out with a played down humorous approach in both text and drawings and always with a sense for the disquieting.

EXHIBITION FACTS: at the exhibition BIRDS IN A FROG’S EYE VIEW a couple of new inventions from the hand of Hartmut Stockter will be on show. The sculptures are designed for use within a specific type of landscape (rural or urban) and they are easily portable in order to allow usage at different sites. Lenses and mirrors are important components of most of them, as they are made to help obtain a better understanding of landscape. They will be shown alongside a hanging of text and drawings from his alter ego – “The day tripper”.


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