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DEARRAINDROP”Concrete Trees, Glass Grass, and Cream-filled Stones”GALLERI LOYALOctober 20 – November 25, 2006Opening Reception with the Artists: Friday, October 20, 6:00–9:00 pmAt the opening the legendary Swedish band TRÄD, GRÄS OCH STENAR plays live!Opening on October 20, 2006, Galleri Loyal is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by DEARRAINDROP. DEARRAINDROP is made up of visual artists Joe Grillo, Laura Grant, and Billy Grant from Virginia Beach, VA. This beach party town and U.S. vacation destination is a plastic day glo city with a visual bombardment of theme parks and souvenir shops. DEARRAINDROP takes it all into their studio (aka the “collage garage” in their suburban home) along their overflowing fountain of creativity and “fluorescent futurist” perspective. The current result is their exhibition for Galleri Loyal entitled “Concrete Trees, Glass Grass, and Cream-filled Stones.” (Betongträd, Glasgräs och Gräddfyllda Stenar)The exhibition will include large-scale paintings, drawings and collage as well as a number of major interactive works. DEARRAINDROP’s multimedia artists Owen Osborn and Chris Kucinski use a combination of custom and everyday electronics in their work. “The idea is to make everything feed on everything else, having all elements interact with each other to create an inseparable whole,” explains Chris Kucinski.”Video Synthesizer” creates moving images from sound, and “Color-Sensing Wheels” create sound from moving images. DEARRAINDROP will also introduce the “Guitari” a custom electronic musical instrument that is part guitar part Atari. Visitors get in on the fun and uncover what is inside. At the same time childlike and sinister, Dearraindrop manifests a culmination of modern western and specifically American pop culture. These young artists help us to find a focus in the cacophony. Dearraindrop’s artwork is in itself a collage of time and space from ’60’s psychedelia, ’70’s utopianism and ’80’s and ’90’s plastic consumer culture. A post-pop cartoon surrealism emerges from this soup. As far as influences, Dearraindrop credits Andy Warhol, Pedro Bell, Viking Eggeling, Kenny Scharf, Adolf Wölfli as well as Atari, Nintendo, Ken Kesey, and Captain Crunch.Having an aversion to the stiff, insincere aspects of the art world, Dearraindrop is part of a continually developing and emerging movement among this generation of artists. Dearraindrop is a thoughtful, sincere shower of information synthesized by these artists and dropped into your head.Welcome Friday!/LoyalGALLERI LOYALTorsgatan 59 113 37 StockholmSwedent +46 (0)8 32 44 91 m +46 (0)733 229 289

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