David Shrigley

Everything must have a name
8 September – 4 November 2007

David Shrigley (Macclesfield, 1968. Lives and works in Glasgow) will
Present his first retrospective solo exhibition in the Nordic region at
Malmö Konsthall.
Shrigley is mostly known for his black and white text-based drawings,
however this exhibition will also present photographs, prints, films,
paintings and sculptural pieces; some of which will be produced
especially for the exhibition. Over the last 15 years Shrigley has
produced a variety of books, t-shirts, record covers and other ephemera that
will also be represented in the exhibition.

Throughout Shrigley’s many different ways of working the viewer will
find a weird, funny and absurd logic to life. Shrigley comments on the world
with a dark wit, leaving us question ourselves and what is around
To give you an idea of the world of Shrigley, here are a few titles of
drawings by the artist. Read and try to picture them with your inner

Your ex-husband is now magnetic

Magnification reveals nature to be boring

Seizure at the beauty parlour

Time to Choose:
Don’t Kno

  • Malmø Konsthall
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