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DCKT Contemporary is pleased to present CORDY RYMAN’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. RYMAN manipulates and reconstitutes an inherited visual language, defining himself in relation to it. His intuitive and spontaneous process is propelled and determined primarily by the characteristics of his media. Manipulating materials such as wood, metal, velcro, Gorilla Glue, staples and scraps from his studio floor, RYMAN’s assemblages are physical and humorous.

A number of new works created for this exhibition, including Trapped Wave, are recycled from Third Wave, a monumental installation work exhibited in RYMAN’s first show with the gallery. The careful consideration of the painted wood and its contours guides the artist in the geometric patterning of his reconstructions. RYMAN’s paintings and sculptures address elements of architecture with rich texture and a vivid color palette. RYMAN’s process allows the work to dictate its own direction and evolution, oftentimes referring back to other pieces or ideas and often referencing the materials used.

RYMAN also works in an architectural mode where he creates a dialogue between his work and its surroundings. These spaces can be specific in location or as common as a 90 degree corner. In the sculptural installation Red Bricks, RYMAN stacks and steps multitudes of painted wood chunks to envelope the gallery’s front window facing wall. Wrapping around the existing wall and facing into the gallery is Scrap Wall, a year’s worth of leftovers monumentally recycled. The works respond to the unique aspects of their placement in a three dimensional manner. The space in many ways becomes a canvas.

RYMAN’s previous solo exhibitions include Kavi Gupta Gallery (Chicago, IL), Mark Moore Gallery (Santa Monica, CA) and Lora Reynolds Gallery (Austin, TX). Previous group exhibitions include Aberrant Abstraction, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (Overland Park, KS), One More, Esbjerg Museum of Modern Art (Esbjerg, Denmark) and Greater New York 2005 at P.S. 1 Contemporary Arts Center (Long Island City, NY). His work is included in the Microsoft Art Collection (Redmond, WA) and the Rubell Family Collection (Miami, FL).

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