Christian Just Linde’s solo exhibition Inner Search

Gallery Christoffer Egelund is delighted to present Christian Just Linde’s solo exhibition Inner Search. Christian Just Linde (b. 1972) graduated from Florence Academy of Art in 1995, and since then he has worked intensively with sculpture, painting and drawing.
This exhibition presents more than 140 new drawings, which both explore and challenge the human mind. The good sides as well as the evil. Together the pieces manifest themselves as a gigantic organic form. This form, in itself a work of art, spreads over several walls in the gallery and thus cannot be perceived in its totality. The observer has to look deep into the depths of the individual works and into himself as well. The drawings have multiple levels of meaning, and the wealth of detail is both impressive and alluring, and it is from here that new dimensions and stories about emotions, dreams and demons constantly unfold.

Christiffer Egelund

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