Cameron Soren

The Jancar Jones Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibit by San Francisco-based artist Cameron Soren. The exhibit will include works on paper, sound elements and video.

Dominant in Soren’s works are images that are simultaneously dependent and independent of perspectival position. Using the reproduction and reappropriation of images and objects, Soren often removes context and dimension, while repositioning them within an architectural, three-dimensional space, or within a two-dimensional page – drawing becomes video, video becomes sculpture, drawing becomes painting, etc. In so doing, he forces the view away from a single vanishing point and toward a more phenomenological perception.

His subjects, which often make reference to architecture, are informed by a potential dialogue they may have with the space in which they may be installed. Amidst this shapeshifting, the works Soren will present leave traces of their kinetic qualities in spite of their relative stasis.

Soren’s work has been included in shows at Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Soap Gallery and Queen’s Nails Annex in San Francisco, amongst others. He received his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Jancar Jones

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