Bob and Roberta Smith | Art U Need Book Launch

Bob and Roberta Smith, Hales Gallery, Commissions East and Black Dog Publishing and would like to invite you to the launch of Bob and Roberta Smith’s new book Art U Need; My Part in the Public Art Revolution.

At 7.30pm there will be a reading by Bob and Roberta Smith from his new book and he will reveal the truth behind his incredible proposal for Trafalgar Square currently on show at the National Portrait Gallery.

This event will coincide with Jane Wilbraham’s solo show Ignoble Rot and the First Thursdays timeout event at Hales Gallery.

The book features: Lucy Harrison, Andrea Mason, Milika Muritu, Hayley Newman, Jane Wilbraham.

Tuesday 5 September 2006
“I am live on-air with a journalist. He says, “Art U Need? How much is it costing?” I tell him it’s going to cost at least the price of two kidney machines. He says “Wouldn’t the money be better spent on a kidney machine?” I tell him in the past kidney machines used to be really interesting looking, with all sorts of pipes and taps, but these days they are just a big white box that bleeps. Anyway, they would still get ruined if you left them out on a roundabout…”
Bob and Roberta Smith, 2006

Art U Need; My Part in the Public Art Revolution is a refreshing addition to the public art debate, telling the story of how Bob and Roberta Smith set about changing the world-or at least a bit of it.

Hales Gallery

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