Blood & Ink – September Exhibition – Hosted by Danny Masterson

A. Conway Hubbard @ POVevolving Gallery

On September 10th, 2009 POVevolving Gallery will open a wonderful exhibition of original prints by Los Angeles based artist A. Conway Hubbard.

The show, hosted by Actor / DJ Danny Masterson, will be the first exhibition by A. Conway Hubbard in nearly a decade and marks the artist’s first adventure into the world of drypoint intaglio printing.

The included works are the first that the artist has shown since formulating a special printmaking ink that uses blood as its primary ingredient. For this exhibition, Hubbard has printed each intaglio plate in varying ways using both traditional black inks and his specially created ‘blood ink.’

All of the prints in this exhibition are beautifully framed as groups of prints. A presentation that functions both as a great display of the formal craft involved in making prints of this nature, and as a conceptual point of departure for this very impressive body of work as a whole.

POVevolving Gallery

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