Ben Jones at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth


The third Director’s Council FOCUS exhibition for the 2009-2010 season will feature the work of American-born artist Ben Jones. Jones’ work investigates new methods of pictorial storytelling in the digital age. An interdisciplinary artist working in video, sculpture, painting, light painting and drawing, his artworks and installations evoke environments and themes both familiar and bizarre.

For years, Jones has sharpened his skills by working as an animator and comic book illustrator. Consequentially, his work has a colorful and playful visual language. Jones’ artwork reflects the wide-ranging influences that inundate the artist (and viewer) in their daily experience within contemporary society. The artist levels the playing field for such disparate references as minimalism, video games, dogs and “The Simpsons,” by equally favoring all in his work, and in so doing, he slyly merges high art with popular culture in a present-day vocabulary.

Jones currently lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island; he is a member of the acclaimed East Coast artist collective Paper Rad. He has shown internationally on his own and with Paper Rad. Jones was recently in exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACRO) in Rome, Italy; Museum of Modern Art in New York; Deitch Projects in New York; and Andreas Melas Presents in Athens, Greece.

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

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