The exhibition includes the following artists: Slater Bradley (USA. Lives in New York), Nina Canell (SE. Lives in Dublin), Leif Holmstrand (SE. Lives in Malmö), Sture Johannesson (SE. Lives in Falsterbo), John Kørner (DK. Lives in Copenhagen), Runo Lagomarsino (SE. Lives in Malmö/New York), Ariane Müller (AT. Lives in Berlin), Mia Joo Rosasco (DK. Lives in Copenhagen), Franz West (AT. Lives in Vienna), Frida Yngström (SE. Lives in Göteborg), Ahmet Öğüt (TR. Lives in Istanbul) and Stina Östberg (SE. Lives in Göteborg).

The word Auto-Stop is Spanish and refers to the transportation form that is gained by standing by the roadside and asking people for a ride to travel a short or long distance. Also known as hitchhiking.

Auto-Stop is a project organised by Malmö Konsthall, but the main exhibition will take place in the public space outside of Malmö Konsthall.
During June 2008, members of Malmö Konsthall staff will hitchhike with artist works, perform artist instructions, hand out texts or simply hitchhike with the artists themselves in the southern part of Sweden.
The project is an attempt to look at how art is made, looked at and works, information and stories distributed. The staff of Malmö Konsthall will work hands-on with each artist project and mediate the works, meaning and its (possible) travel.

Each work will be hitchhiked with for two days. What route does the works/hitchhikers take? That depends on possible artists instructions for distinations or simply where the driver, that picks up the hitchhiking personnel, takes us.

All works in the projects, instructions and works are made for Auto-Stop. Due to the condition of the project, weather, transportation and hitchhiking in general, we can not say where the works can be seen whilst on the road – only the following starting points in the outskirts of Malmö:


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