ASTRONOMICAL  FRONTIERS is a collective art- and text project with around one hundred participants from various parts of the contemporary art, theory and literature scene.

The contributors are coming from all over the world – from Indonesia, Singapore and Slovenia to Århus and Canada.

Astronomical Frontiers presents a 5-day event in BKS Garage from 13th to 17th of January (see program) and a text collection in Henningsen Contemporary from 15th to the 30th of January (opening Friday the 15th 5 – 8pm).

All contributors will be presented in a program under a title and a category, but without the participants names featured. Instead, the approximately 100 names are publicized on two posters – one for the event in BKS Garage and one for the text collection in Hennigsen Contemporary – as a collective signature for the project

AF aims to challenge ideas of hierarchical thinking with a cooperative energy as the point of departure for projects presented in the context of Astronomical Frontiers.

AF’s program is wide-ranging: from installations, FM radio performances, launching a magazine, workshops, work presentations, common dining, concerts etc… In addition to this there will be panel discussions, with participants from home and abroad. Welcome!

Astronomical Frontiers Blog

BKS Garage

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