Astrid Myntekær // Universal Research of Subjectivity


Fifth Floor is very pleased to present Astrid Myntekær’s second solo show at Fifth Floor:
Universal research of Subjectivity.

Astrid Myntekær investigates the borders of the sensible and the knowable. Her work progresses from a laboratory-like situation, where materials, shapes and constellations are juxtaposed, studied and changed.

The exhibition shows the object Dream Cube Vision 1.
Four huge Fresnel lenses form a cube, illuminated from the inside by green LEDs.

A floating cube, it’s surface vaguely reflecting the surroundings and embracing a closed glowing space.
How subtle are our fabric? Where are the origins of our dreams and visions? Is there a space for that wich goes beyond the senses?

With intimate, delicate and fragile aesthetics Astrid Myntekær’s work exposes itself to the curious viewer, questions what is real and offers a space for examining the borders of our perception.

Astrid Myntekær is studying at the Royal Art Academy, Copenhagen

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