Arndt & Partner Zürich

Dear Friends of the Gallery
You and your friends are cordially invited to the opening of our new exhibition on
Saturday, August 25, 2007, from 11am to 6pm
Marcus Knupp will be present.

Arndt Partner Zurich is featuring the emerging painter Marcus Knupp, currently based in Berlin. Born 1978 in Germany to American parents, the artists’ understanding and exposure to both cultures was through the lens of his biographical status – being in the middle and armed with a mass of cultural pop imagery which he uses in a paste like application to create landscapes and narrative scenes that exist in layered abstract lines of thought.
Marcus is more interested in the foggy zone of psychological response rather then in premeditated commentary. The artist allows the work to dictate its own creation, thus evoking pictorial zones with multiple interpretations. All of this is done with a light hand, and heart, with a playful sensibility and at the same time with a rare self-confidence of being the master of his canvas.

Season Opening of the Zurich Galleries on 22 and 24/25 August 2007.

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