The exhibition ANDY WARHOL: SPORTS, STARS, AND SOCIETY attracts many visitors every day in Beijing’s 798 Art District. This is the first major exhibition of unique works by Andy Warhol in China. The exhibition runs through September 21.
With a tribute to the Olympic games, the centre piece of the exhibition is the rare and seldom seen 1977 -1979 “The Athlete Series” comprising 10 of the most celebrated sports figures of the 1970’s such as Muhammad Ali, Pele, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Also included in the exhibition are a series of male and female portraits, of known stars and unknown beauties, which exemplify the range of Warhol’s fascination with the media and their relation to social and society figures. 22 years after the death of the artist, his celebration of newsworthy figures seems more relevant and actual than ever before.


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