Andreas Schulenburg

MOGADISHNI proudly presents new works by the German-born, Copenhagen-based artist Andreas Schulenburg (B.1975).

Andreas Schulenburg´s art is a mixture of black humour, comedy and seriousness. The straightforward expression is a cover-up for a critical comment where capitalism and everyday life is challenged. In his art Schulenburg doesn’t shy away from being political incorrect or to discuss current society related topics as well as social structures.

A poetic sensibility is seen in Schulenburg’s felt pieces. But the soft mode of expression is often used as a cover-up for more serious points. A tension is often found in Schulenburg’s felt art between the soft material with its innocent associations and the content.

“Konsum und bildstörung” consists solely of intriguing and disturbing felt works. Words and images are connected in order to construct new meaning and the ongoing theme “consume” is symbolised by references to shopping bags and television screens. The cold and slim surface of plastic bags & screens are in his works of art made in natural, soft wool and the images in the works changes our perception of everyday life and makes one think about the way we live and the way we react on commercials. Bildstörung refers on one hand to the small changes Schulenburg has made in for instance the well know plastic bag lay-outs and in general the artist is trying to disturb our normal perception and understanding of our selves and the world we live in.

Schulenburgs new publication ”Alles ist verkehrt” is available in the gallery.


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