Amie Dicke and Assume Vivid Astro Focus

Javier Peres is pleased to start off the fall season with solo shows by Amie Dicke and assume vivid astro focus.

For her fourth solo exhibition with Peres Projects, “Passive Drifter,” the Dutch artist Amie Dicke will present an installation of new sculptures and framed works. Never falling prey to the often literal approach of “political art”, Amie’s works instead turn the constant hum of  Europe’s shameful cultural and political past into an enabling violation – an aesthetic game that turns classical imagery and often found antique objects on its head and leaves Amie with a rich visual vocabulary all her own. Amie Dicke (b. 1978 Rotterdam, the Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam and will be present for the opening.

Assume vivid astro focus’ Berlin premiere at Peres Projects will include new wall papers, drawings, works on canvas, neon sculptures, and a not-so-surprise performance by a surprise guest. assume vivid astro focus, with a palette that is Rosenquist meets Tropicália creates, á la Takashi Murakami, everything from handbags to decals to full multi-media installation events. By defying more traditional ethical concerns of appropriation and authorship, avaf revels in the power of the found image and the computer-age futility of copyright while exploiting the music of our own personal nostalgia.
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