Alex Lukas

White Walls is proud to present Alex Lukas in a solo show – And Another Shall Rise To Take Her Place.  Opening Reception Saturday, March 14th, 2009 from 7 – 11pm at 835 Larkin St., SF.   The show runs through April 3rd, 2009. 

Hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts Alex Lukas attended RISD and currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he frequents Space 1026 collaborating with creative and influential pals.  He also founded and contributes to Cantab Publishing.  Their website is full of handmade ‘zines and prints that make you laugh out loud with their quirky antics, but also inspire respect for screen print and handmade anything.  Once you get past Lukas’ extra curricula’s and get down to his work you realize that is he an expert at his craft, while the rest is just fun.   He is an artist that clearly lives for art, which is apparent in every intricately created landscape. With each piece, Lukas breaks down his work into integral layers made up of silkscreen, gouache, acrylic, ink, and spray paint.  Drawing from anonymous skylines of major cities Lukas’ landscapes are overwhelmed by the elements in which floods and fires sink and incinerate his buildings.  While Lukas’ painting can seem depressing, the title of the show implies hope.  And Another Shall Rise And Take Her Place will showcase not only Lukas’ knack for implying impending doom but also his ability to provide solace in the eventual replacement of all that is ruined.

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