A Winter’s Tale

A Winter’s Tale
17 January 2009 – 13 April 2009
A Tribute to Karen Blixen

The exhibition A Winter’s Tale at Gl Holtegaard takes the spectator on a journey into the dreamlike forms of winter and the most poetical expressions of contemporary art. With Karen Blixen’s famous collection of short stories ‘Winter’s Tales’ as its point of departure, the exhibition presents an interpretation of the classical Bildungsroman – in the form of new Danish and Nordic art.

It is with both humanity and the impressive natural beauty of the Nordic countries in view that Gl Holtegaard will be opening its doors for the exhibition A Winter’s Tale in January. With Karen Blixen’s famous tales of the human condition as its point of departure, the exhibition lights up a number of poetical works by contemporary Danish and Nordic artists, whose common denominator is to be found in love of the landscape and of nature.

For both Blixen and the visual artists, the impressive natural beauty of the Nordic countries plays an important role. While nature for Blixen is often fundamentally realistic and fateful for the main characters of the stories, nature among the artists in A Winter’s Tale manifests itself as a conception populated by images of the human imagination. At A Winter’s Tale one encounters nature in the form of impressive installations, films, photographs and paintings.

A Winter’s Tale takes the form of a sequence of works that take the public from visible reality into the world of the fairytale. Like the characters in Blixen’s tales, the works convey the experience of a situation in themselves, but at the same time are woven into a larger narrative. It is this exchange between reality and conception, between self and the world, that A Winter’s Tale sets in motion.

Thomas Bangsted, Peter Callesen, Nathalie Djurberg, Benny Dröscher, Marianne Grønnow, Eva Koch, Christian Lemmerz, Ulrik Møller, Palle Nielsen, Allan Otte, Torbjørn Rødland and Tove Storch.

Gl. Holtegaard

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